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Magus Tripod with fluid head
GH₵60 - Per Day

The Magnus Video Tripod with Fluid Head supports cameras and accessories weighing up to 17 pounds. The head accepts a sliding balance plate. It features independent pan and tilts locks with stepped pan and tilt drag, as well as a stepped counterbalance. The 75mm leveling ball provides a wide platform for balancing your camera.

Fluid Head

The head features three steps of counterbalance that can be adjusted based on the size and weight of your camera and the needs of the shot.
Both pan and tilt each feature three steps of drag plus a 0-setting that allows you to have the head completely free if you want.
The sliding balance camera plate features a spring-loaded locating pin and supports both 1/4"-20 and 3/8"-16 camera tie-down screws (included).
The camera plate features 3.25" of travel, providing a wide range of movement to balance your camera on the head for optimum operation.
A single 1/4"-20 threaded accessory mounting hole is integrated into the head and allows you to mount a variety of accessories, including articulating arms or mounting brackets.
The head features two pan handle rosettes for left- or right-handed operation. One pan handle is included with the system and includes a rosette washer that helps protect the rosettes from stripping.

Tripod Legs

The included mid-level spreader is adjustable, allowing you to spread the legs for a more stable shot or draw them close to gain height. The legs can be closed with the spreader attached.
The legs feature independent leg spread and height adjustment, useful for working on even surfaces such as rocky terrain or stairs.
The legs feature dual-spiked feet that provide solid purchase on soft surfaces when the legs are spread wide or extended to full height.
The rubber feet attach to the spiked feet for working on delicate or hard surfaces.
An elastic line with attached hook extends from the bottom of one of the legs, allowing you to secure the legs in a closed position for storage or transport.
  • sliding Balance Plate
  • Supports up to 17 Pounds
  • 75mm Ball/Bowl
  • Stepped Counterbalance
  • Stepped Fluid Tilt & Pan Drag
  • 1/4"-20 Accessory Mounting Hole
  • 29.3 to 65" Height Range
  • Mid-Level Spreader
  • Spiked Feet with Rubber Feet Included
  • Padded Bag with Shoulder Strap Included
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